TranSCIseTM - English Abstraction and Indexing Solution for Non-English Literature

Scope has gained invaluable experience in delivering Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) services to leading STM publishers worldwide; it has created English abstracts and indices for about 2.7 million documents, including patents, book chapters, clinical summaries, standards and other technical literature in European (including German and French) and Asian (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean) languages. In recent years, nearly 30% of the documents for which Scope delivered English abstracts or indexed with an English controlled vocabulary were non-English source documents. Leveraging its experience, Scope has developed TranSCIseTM, a technology-enabled hybrid abstraction and indexing solution for enhancing the discoverability of non-English literature in search engines and A&I services.

The TranSCIse solution uses a judicious combination of technology-enabled automation processes for translation and subsequent abstraction and further subject matter expert (SME) curation to achieve high-quality abstracts that represent the core themes of the non-English document. TranSCIse first translates the non-English documents to English using a robust translation architecture equipped with computer-assisted translation tools with built-in domain dictionaries, glossaries and ontologies. The translated output is further curated by SMEs who possess native speaker-level skills in the respective languages of the documents processed, in addition to technical knowledge in the subject discussed in the document. The functionality of Scope’s content abstraction and indexing solution, ConSCIse™, is integrated into TranSCIse, which facilitates further abstraction of the translated text through keyword extraction, sentence selection and scoring based on NLP rules. SMEs then validate and edit the summary to create the final English-language abstract.


Features and Benefits:

Scope’s TranSCIse solution has various performance-oriented and result-yielding features to provide clients with benefits as mentioned below:

Multi-format Input Support:TranSCIse can handle STM documents of varied types, including structured documents (patents, standards, and clinical reviews) and unstructured documents (book chapters, journal articles and conference proceedings).

Multilingual Capability: TranSCIse can handle documents in most major European languages (German, French and Spanish ), Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) as well as Russian.

SEO-friendly Abstracts: The integrated semi-automatic abstraction module with time-tested statistical and linguistic rules-based algorithms creates keyword-rich abstracts to enable greater discoverability of content.

Assisted Automation: TranSCIse uses a combination of machine translation and editorial enhancement for scalable and high-quality translation of the source content.

SME Intervention: Experts with the combination of language skills and appropriate technical knowledge are involved to validate and enhance the quality of the translated text.

Knowledge Repositories: Integrates multilingual technical glossaries and contextual lookup features to ensure that final English abstracts and keywords are the true contextual representation of the non-English source document.

Quick Turnaround: With self-learning algorithms, TranSCIse significantly reduces the time spent in translation, abstract creation, and indexing, thereby enabling improved productivity, speedy delivery and immense cost savings to clients.