OrdEHRSetTM – Enabling the Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records

Scope has developed OrdEHRSet™ to optimally support hospital information system (HIS) solution providers, clinical decision support system (CDSS) and electronic health records (EHR) players. It undertakes order set management and related tasks for supporting the implementation of CPOE and EHR. OrdEHRSet is designed to provide a wide range of services, which include standardization of terms, creation of customized order sets, order set reconciliation, and integration of evidence-based medicine (EBM); it can deliver order set content in multiple formats, as per clients’ requirement.

OrdEHRSet leverages all the necessary data repositories and clinical knowledge for creation and EBM integration to support physicians in making informed decisions at their point of care.


Features and Benefits:

OrdEHRSetTM is a customizable order set creation and management solution intended to significantly reduce variation in patient data management and facilitate a seamless integration with the existing HIS, with the following features:

Optimal Standardization: Standardization of medical terms used in hospitals for easy compatibility with CPOE provider systems.

Reconciliation/Creation: Customized solutions for creation/reconciliation of order sets with experienced in-house domain experts.

EBM Integration: Synthesizing of EBM through distinctive methodologies and integrating the same into existing vendor systems, thereby enabling access to ‘Best Practices’ information and incorporating critical decision support alerts.

Accelerate CPOE Integration Cycle: Helps EHR solution providers to accelerate CPOE integration cycle for end users.

Value Added Content: The clinical content in order sets are further enhanced with disease and drug profiles, drug safety alerts, and maintenance of EBM-integrated disease databases.

Data Protection: Ensures client data protection with its support to industry-wide best practices, such as order set content monitoring and performance, order set content database integrity and security, and order set content backup and recovery.