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"Thought it was really good effort. I was pleased that occasionally in places I could not tell the difference which was taken from the previous report and which was new - this is always a good sign. "
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Market Research

To undertake marketing effectively and to run business successfully, organizations need information about current market trend, customer wants, market demand, distribution network and competition. Market research provides business decision makers with the information that they need to identify opportunities and reduce risk. As the businesses operate in a dynamic environment, the ability to quickly respond to these changes determines the success of a business enterprise.

Scope identifies client’s research needs, suggest possible approaches and provide analytical and business insights. Our market research incorporates top players, their market share, driving factors, restraints, technological trends, competitive intelligence as well as current and emerging market trend.

Our Market Research offerings help businesses and corporate clients (domestic and global) to:

  • Decide on new markets entry
  • Improve product positioning
  • Understand need gaps
  • Make sound business decisions
  • Create better informed business strategies
  • Assess market feasibility

Our approach to research is client requirement based & project specific. We hold expertise in providing both primary and secondary research based services. It helps us to deliver improvised market research study designs & analytical expertise that help in successfully meeting client’s customized research needs. We customize our approach to meet their needs. We ensure complete authenticity of the data being offered to the clients. Scope adopts methodologies which are most effective, simple to implement and understand so that success is achieved. Our research tools, along with our ability to adapt new methodologies in data collection and analysis offers a wide range of solutions to achieve your business objectives.

Competitive analysis provides a detailed study of assessment of current and potential competitors for an organization. Our competitive analysis involves collecting, compiling, analyzing and interpreting information about your competitor’s service or product, pricing strategies, target customers, new product launches, M&A and R&D. Scope’s competitive analysis also covers up key information such as

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to your competitors.
  • Marketing strategy used by your competitors to promote their products and services.
  • Country Opportunity/risk assessments
  • Insight into the competitor’s future strategies.
  • Current and forthcoming industry trend.

Market analysis study is used to determine the attractiveness and dynamics of a market and understand its evolving opportunities and threats. The findings of the market analysis help organizations to map its strategies and investment plans, particularly about work force expansion/contraction, inventory management, promotional activities, cost management and facility expansion.

Scope’s market analysis/sizing report can help clients to identify potential customers, gain a more detailed understanding of consumer’s need, consumer’s views on a product or service, market size, develop effective strategies, impact of current economic and demographic trends on the future of the business, identify new opportunities in the market and forecast future trends. Our service offerings will give our clients a competitive advantage over their competitors in the market.

Our Market analysis report covers up the following:

  • Market Size (current and future)
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Trend
  • Market Growth Rate
  • Market Profitability
  • Industry Cost Structure
  • Distribution Channel
  • SWOT analysis
  • Porter’s Five Force model

The objective of country opportunity & risk assessments is to develop an in-depth knowledge and an understanding of local conditions and business culture in a country. It is very important for an organization to know about the risks involved before investing in a foreign country. The risks involved include socio-political risk, economic risk, environmental risk, currencies and legal risk. The collective knowledge of risks involved and opportunities available in a country help organizations to make a decision on whether to invest in a particular country or not.

Scope’s country opportunity & risk assessment report offers insights, comprehensive analysis and forecasts on economic, political and business environment developments happening in a country. Our service offering will assist our clients to make a decision on entering into new markets, buying majority or minority shares in organizations, joint ventures with firms or acquiring assets or companies in a foreign country.

Our key areas of focus includes

  • Demographic details
  • GDP growth
  • Monetary policy
  • Supply and demand forecast
  • Balance of payments
  • FDI
  • Impact of policy changes
  • Taxation
  • Security of the nation (includes terrorism risk, civic unrest and cross border warfare)
  • Various risks involved and its likely impact on business environment.