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"Thought it was really good effort. I was pleased that occasionally in places I could not tell the difference which was taken from the previous report and which was new - this is always a good sign. "
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Financial Research

Scope’s financial research capabilities are built on a strong domain expertise across various sectors, regions and economies enabling client’s strategic decision making and day to day research support. Our research framework is supported by extensive primary and secondary research capabilities that are used to validate the findings of the financial analysis. Scope conducts customized research assignments that are tailored to the client's requirements, objectives, and budget, and provides innovative and workable solutions for their business challenges.

In a dynamic business environment, knowledge of a country’s economic scenario is vital to an organization for strategic decision making and exploring investment opportunities. Scope’s Economic Research provides organizations with a systematic framework for analysis on a wide array of financial and regional economic issues. Scope conducts macroeconomic research that covers key market trends, statistical analysis, business opportunities, and challenges for a particular market sector. Scope’s microeconomic research includes factors such as market size, industry organization and structure, competitive pressure, and market regulation.

  • Thematic reports
  • Economic forecasting
  • Budget analysis
  • Monetary and fiscal policy analysis
  • International trade and payments
  • Country reports
  • Competitive analysis & profiling
  • Market opportunity analysis

Company Research assists individual investors and companies in identifying opportunities, evaluating trends and market innovations as well as in selecting appropriate information solutions in order to make effective investment decisions. Scope offers company-specific research reports to give insights about the company’s areas of operation, business structure, market position, financial health and performance, strengths, weaknesses, core competencies, and future outlook. Our analysis is based on an exhaustive research on data available from credible databases, Industry associations, trade journals and the company sources.

Our Company Research offerings are

  • Detailed company profiles and analysis
  • Tear Sheets
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Stock and shareholding analysis
  • Comparative analysis

Market intelligence reports assist companies in making informed decisions about new ventures and enhancing presence in existing markets. Scope’s dedicated team of financial analysts are experienced in conducting primary and secondary research to come up with reports based on clients’ needs. Our expertise lies in creating tailor-made financial research reports across geographies focusing on retail banking, consumer finance and cards & payments.

Industry analysis is an assessment tool used to understand the complexity of an industry. Scope’s industry analysis report helps business owners foresee both opportunities and threats paving way to structure a robust strategy that’s more likely to reap higher financial returns. We focus on providing insights on various factors such as competition in the industry, potential of new entrants and threat of substitute products.

Benefits of Scope’s industry analysis report are

  • Better understanding of the business position in the respective sector
  • Assist businesses to identify specific industry segments where they can serve as a niche player and customize a particular product/service that provides them benefit over competitors
  • Helps companies to respond in a better way to the advancements in the industry
  • Aids the companies to be aware of the government rules/regulations, the economic, political, and market factors influencing the manner in which the industry operates