Master Data Management
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Scope's MDM Services

  • What does MDM Services mean?
  • How does Scope deliver its MDM Services?
  • Why should I go for Scope's MDM Services?
  • What industries do you typically serve in your MDM Services?
  • What work timings can you offer?
  • How can we assess the quality/ process of your company?
  • What are the methods of contact during our engagement with Scope?
  • Scope's MDM Technology/ Platform

  • Do you sell your MDM platform?
  • How do you handle technology implementation aspects of MDM?
  • What type of advanced technology is available in your MDM Platform?
  • I already have an ERP system. Wouldn't this take care of my data quality issues?
  • Scope's Subject Matter Expertise

  • Why is human expertise important in any MDM solution?
  • What type of subject matter/ data expertise do you possess?
  • ISO 8000-110

  • What is the ISO 8000-110 Certification?
  • How does Scope's certification as an ISO 8000 certified master data quality manager help in MDM Services?