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"Thought it was really good effort. I was pleased that occasionally in places I could not tell the difference which was taken from the previous report and which was new - this is always a good sign. "
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Portal/Website Content Management Services

The explosion of content in various formats has become a challenge across business organizations, and thus, calls for effective management. Scope has experience in offering various Content Management Services to information providers across the globe, assisting them in offering up-to-date, reliable information to their end-users. Scope has experience in delivering customized content for various information domains, including Engineering, Medical, Real Estate, and niche areas such as nanotechnology, robotics, sensors, quantum, clean technology etc.

Scope can process content for B2B and B2C portals catering to general information seekers, scientists and research groups. We constantly strive to achieve high quality of content for enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction.

Scope’s editorial team comprises highly-qualified professionals with good language flair and expertise in writing to global audience. Further, we have in-house editors trained in latest SEO techniques to ensure that the content ranks high in search engines on the worldwide web.

Media Monitoring Services

Scope monitors industry-related activities on behalf of clients to provide them with key updates. Scope has experience in monitoring social media websites such as YouTube for video updates, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. for information updates, which would aid in activities such as supplier profiling, creating or updating the database etc. This will help in SEO-enabled media information on the web page.

Video Summary

Scope’s video summary service offers a concise summary specific to a video; the description will include background information such as who/which company has created the video, its purpose and what it deals with. Scope’s editorial team customizes the descriptions to suit clients’ requirements, giving readers a clear understanding of the video, and assisting them know what they can learn from the video. While ensuring the comprehensiveness of video descriptions, Scope excludes inessential and superfluous information to avoid readers getting deviated from the core theme.

Scope’s editorial team has expertise in tracking videos of clients’ interests, creating video summaries and updating them on clients’ portal. We have created over 500 video summaries for various clients across industries. The video title and video description are opportunities to target related keywords and provide a quick overview of what the video is about. These are incredibly important components of link building, as well as online brand building.

News Repurposing

Scope offers News Services to provide SEO-friendly news updates to clients’ news sites catering to different domains. Using a proprietary Crawler technology, Scope sources the latest news irrespective of the industry, geography and medium (news portals, videos, blogs etc.). Developments such as M&A, contracts, business changes, regulatory approvals, earnings releases etc. are tracked, and the news items are categorized accordingly to suit clients’ requirement.

Scpe can also provide crisp and short summaries of news or press releases. The Editorial experts repurpose the identified news/press releases and update it on clients’ portal. While repurposing, Scope’s editors ensure that the content is free of any copyright infringement. Further, we have experience in handling news updates on a daily basis, either with a complete rewrite or as per client-specific requirements.

Newsletter Services

Newsletters have become an important, prominent and powerful tool for internal and external communication in business environment. Scope’s newsletter service can help you your internal intranet users, clients and other stakeholder groups stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the industry. Using proprietary tools, Scope crawls relevant news items from multiple sources, repurposes to create abstracts, organizes the content, and delivers a condensed gist to subscribers.

Scope has extensive experience in this domain. We are is the publishers of Knowledgespeak, a daily comprehensive newsletter for the STM publishing industry. Knowledgespeak reaches over 100 countries globally and the majority of the target audiences for the newsletter are C -level executives. We also cater to niche/specialized industry segments; like automotive. For e.g. we publish , and Autospeak, a weekly newsletter targeted at the global automobile industry.

With the newsletter services, our clients benefit from customized tagging and organizing of content as per their requirements. You get to choose from automated news feeds, subject matter expert SME repurposed abstracts/summaries, and analyst insights on a customized frequency to track industry/market trends better. The content can be made compatible with multiple delivery channels, such as mobile devices, web portals, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc), email, intranets and XML/RSS feeds, enabling access to news nuggets on the move. In addition, Scope can create English abstracts/summaries of news items in most-popular non-English languages.

Business Writing Services

Article Creation

Scope’s experienced team of SMEs rewrite the research or technical papers; SEO-friendly summaries of 700-800 words are created from the original document of varying length by Scope’s expertise. Scope’s proprietary abstraction platform, ConSCIseTM, aids in creating article summaries, ensuring high-quality and scalable output.

Scope has created articles for various domains, including Medical, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Sensors etc. The in-house experts conduct extensive research on client topics, source relevant information from trusted portals, collate the information and create a comprehensive article that comply with clients’ requirements. Further, Scope’s experienced editors ensure that the articles are free of copyright infringement. In addition, Scope can upload the articles created in client-specific format, with images and tables, onto clients’ web portal.

Product Reviews

Scope provides SEO-friendly reviews of various products, primarily on industrial equipment, as requested by clients. Scope’s subject experts provide crisp and clear product information to help buyers and users in decision making. Relevant brochures are also uploaded with the reviews to provide the readers with in-depth technical details of the product. Further, Scope can update the equipment pages on client websites with appropriate snapshot of their relevant products.

In addition, Scope can provide customized product reviews to suit clients’ requirements, highlighting the supplier or manufacturer of a product. Scope’s team has provided reviews for a wide range of products, including medical applications and software. Further, Scope can write product reviews based on the press releases, during the product release.