Big Data & Analytics - Overview

The big data market is predicted to reach $16.1 billion in 2014, according to IDC (International Data Corporation). Though Big Data can increase productivity and profitability for companies, implementation is a challenge. In addition, there are various challenges in collecting, organizing, analyzing and deriving insights, such as

  • Big Data in Multiple formats
  • Structured / Unstructured
  • Data Size
  • Velocity at which the data gets generated
  • Accuracy and integrity of the data collected

Scope has partnered with various organizations to create customized Big Data solutions, keeping in mind the direct and indirect needs of businesses. Scope has created cloud-based Big Data Solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, which has eliminated the need for a dedicated Big Data Infrastructure.

Key Highlights of Scope Big Data Analytics

  • A team of statisticians, data scientists and software engineers experienced in handling big data platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB etc.
  • Inclusion of data from social media and other publicly available sources for better insights and decision making
  • Integration of Sentiment Analysis engine with Big Data platform to process large volumes of data from internal as well as publicly available sources

Scope’s Big Data Analytics workflow


Scope uses proprietary web crawlers to collect data from internal as well as publicly available data sources. Further, Scope has in-house data scientists experienced in machine learning, computing and algorithms to create customized ETL tools to extract data from multiple sources / IT platforms and load them directly to data structures hosted in the cloud. We have integrated both structured and unstructured data for our customers using big data technologies such as Hadoop, MongoDB etc. to derive accurate insights from a comprehensive set of data points.

In addition, Scope has a proprietary platform to improve the veracity of the data fed into a big data platform. Scope’s platform cleanses, standardizes, and maps data from various silos, both internal and external. The rules in the platform’s engine can be customized to categorize the data and remove noise from relevant data feeds.

Scope is an ISO 8000 certified master data quality organization and also has ISO 8000 certified master data quality managers in leadership roles. Scope’s analytics team comprises statisticians and BI professionals having expertise in visualization tools such as Tag Clouds, Radar Charts and Heat Diagrams, and BI tools such as QlikView and Datameer for generating reports and dashboards. The analytics team creates detailed reports on critical business parameters, along with crucial graphic insights, to assist in data-supported decision making or creating data-driven strategies.