Abstraction and Indexing Services
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Abstraction and Indexing Services

Scope has over a decade of experience in providing abstraction and indexing services for global clients; Scope has delivered over 4.2 million abstracts till date. Scope is equipped to provide high-quality, cost-effective content enhancement solution with its rich domain expertise in Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine, Life and Hard Sciences. Scope further developed expertise and capabilities in domains such as Humanities, Social Sciences and Legal services.

With extensive research and experience gained over the years, Scope has developed ConSCIseTM, a automation-enabled platform for abstraction and indexing. Developed on the Microsoft Platform using .Net technology, ConSCIse uses a rule-based abstraction engine for automatically generating summaries of book chapters. To ensure high quality of deliverables, Scope employs an assisted automation approach, which blends innovative technology solutions - NLP and ontologies and SME curation.

Scope has undertaken several abstraction and indexing projects for major publishers. Scope has been executing a large-volume abstraction project and variety of other assignments for a multinational media and information firm. In addition, Scope has executed several technical article and book chapter abstraction projects for prominent organizations in their respective industries. Scope has extended its services for a US client who delivers a unique article abstraction service that enables search of technical articles using technical terms, names of products/services and names of companies. Scope generated abstracts of articles on the latest technology trends that enabled the client to maintain an up-to-date database comprising an ever-increasing number of technical articles from about 200 leading technical, business, trade and consumer magazines.

Scope has extensive editorial capabilities for handling different styles of English, and has handled XML DTDs of different publishers. Further, Scope has proven its capability in the creation of English language abstracts from major European and Asian language documents.