• A unique conceptualization and development hub for smart digital products and platforms
  • Foster innovation and achieve scale to meet the need for digital knowledge services
  • Create technology products and service delivery platforms aligned with customer demand
  • Inside prOdigi
    People - an R&D lab comprising experienced software developers,subject matter experts(SMEs)and process champions.

    Process - mature product development processes leveraging domain expertise of SMEs,operational knowledge & rigor and technology in an innovative cross functional environment.

    Technology - state of the art systems and cutting edge technologies configured to build Scope's products for the knowledge economy.
    Products Delivered from prOdigi
    A unique keywords-based,
    technology platform-powered
    content abstraction solution offering high-quality, competitive abstracts
    and keywords
    A technology-assisted English Abstraction and Indexing Solution
    for Non-English Literature
    A technology platform-based Author Data Management solution for
    parsing, standardizing and disambiguating author data and records
    A platform‐based MARC cataloging service to create more complex and robust metadata Content enrichment and knowledge solutions, including taxonomy, thesaurus and ontology development and semantic enrichment A platform-enabled indexing services generating highly-relevant keywords for various technical literature
    A customizable order set creation
    and management solution
    A cost-effective procurement
    solution that enhance the visibility
    of an organization’s spend
    A platform-based solution to
    enhance knowledge discovery
    through linked data of concepts and relationships using Ontologies and RDF
    Invite for Publishing Partners
    Scope is pleased to invite potential publishing partners to meet our content management consultants and learn more about their most recent offerings.Please contact:
    ConsciseTM Won CSI Award for Excellence in IT 2012