Master Data Management
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Product Information Management

Description of Services

The product data usually exists as information silos in multiple disparate data sources across different divisions. Unless there is an established standard to describe the product information, there is no possible solution to this issue. For example, "50hp dc motor" and "Motor, Direct, 50 horsepower" are two different accurate descriptions and perfectly understandable to the human eye. But for a PIM system these represent two different products. Unless there are guidelines that state that "Type of current" must be specified, suppliers would sometimes miss this data out while quoting.

Specific Scope Offerings

Scope's PIM Services helps companies to manage their product data. Our PIM services are based on ISO 22075 and ISO 8000 master data quality standards that refer to eOTD. eOTD is a reference guide that helps companies to create a single version of the truth about their product.

Scope creates information templates (identification guides) for all products that a company deals with. These templates are prepared based on detailed analysis about the requirements of the organizations and the user's preferences for information search and retrieval.

Our PIM services also include provisions by which all external companies will also provide product related information in the same language. This will eliminate the need for any redundant data standardization for the same product or product family.

Our PIM solutions

  • Enhance usability and compliance of product information across the organization
  • Are fully compliant with all leading major ERP platforms including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, etc.

Scope is an ISO 8000 certified Master Data Quality Manager organization with deep expertise in information and master data management.

Our PIM solutions have helped companies increase compliance, usage and to perform better analysis. Our PIM services

  • Create product descriptions that will help in easier and efficient spend analysis
  • Have helped companies have simpler and better data governance policies, for all the product information needs

Scope Methodology

Scope's MDM technology platform supports a judicious combination of Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and technology. The MDM platform has a very efficient ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) module that can extract data from both structured and unstructured sources such as ERP systems, PDF documents, RFQs, Purchase orders, General Ledger, etc. We use experienced data analysts to handle exceptions in product and attribute mapping. Product data is cleansed and standardized for further processing. Our product data experts ensure accurate normalization of attributes and units of measure in accordance with custom requirements and standard industry practice. We can classify the product data based on custom and standard industrial taxonomies such as UNSPSC, SIC, NAICS, etc. We do this using our proprietary self learning classification tool.

Scope also creates identification guides and product templates that comply with international ISO 8000 standards for master data.

  • We build and manage catalogs that cover the entire product life cycle
  • We create product descriptions that comply with your ERP system requirements and also help you to make meaningful business case analysis such as impact of commodity price variations on your purchase price. Our PIM services can be easily integrated into any of your existing PLM/ PIM/ ERP application and workflows.

Client Benefits

With Scope's PIM services, companies achieve the following benefits:

  • No upfront investment in sophisticated tools/ software to improve existing product data quality
  • Proven procedures and information templates in accordance with ISO 22075 and ISO 8000 master data standards
  • Reduce redundant cost of constant data cleansing and standardization work related to product data
  • Appropriate mix of technology and subject matter experts to extract accurate and comprehensive information from legacy data sources
  • Minimal business impact while implementing PIM solutions and easier handling of change management

Contact us to learn more about how our Master Data Quality Managers can help with our PIM services that best fits your needs.