Master Data Management
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Customer Data Integration

Description of Services

For years CEOs have been demanding the availability of a single view of the customer to help their organizations grow revenues and profits, reduce costs, manage risk and comply with regulations. There are internal barriers due to politics, organizational silos, ongoing mergers and acquisitions, and lack of focus on data quality. Customer data gets outdated quite frequently.

"Nearly a third of UK organizations admit that they do not even know if they have the right name and address details for their most valuable client contacts." – Stuart Johnson, UK Managing director, Experian QAS

Specific Scope Offerings

Scope helps companies manage the customer (company and contact) data. Our CDI services are targeted at all types of company and contact data including customer data, supplier data, partner data, etc.

Any organization today has to deal with a wide range of companies, be it customers, suppliers or partners. Accurate data about companies and contacts are critical to the survival and growth of organizations worldwide.

Scope helps you

  • Create better marketing strategy and ensure satisfied customers through its CDI services for customer information
  • Manage supply chain and business risk effectively through its CDI services for supplier/ vendor information
  • Achieve faster growth through its comprehensive CDI services for partner information

We work with organizations in addressing the data quality issues of company and contact data. Our data quality improvement solutions ensure very high rate of accuracy with a proper mix of technology, subject matter expertise and proprietary databases.

Entity Relationship
We identify relationships that exist between different companies including multiple location identification, group-subsidiary relationships, etc. Our team of experienced data analysts use advanced tools to identify these relationships and build hierarchies.

Customer Data Management
Unlike product information, company and contact information are bound to change frequently. Even a company having a high data quality program at the start of a master data management program is faced with data quality degradation issues Year-on-Year. Scope helps companies in having updated information about customers, suppliers, partners, etc. Our data management tool tracks the movement of companies and contacts, and triggers an alert respectively. Our data analysts then validate these triggers and update the company/ contact information accordingly.

Scope is an ISO 8000 certified Master Data Quality Manager organization with deep expertise in information and master data management. We have helped companies in creation of high quality company and contact data, and building of hierarchies/ relationships between different entities of a company and related contacts. We also manage and update company and contact data for our clients on a regular basis.

Scope Methodology

Scope's MDM technology platform includes a very efficient ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) module that can extract data from both structured and unstructured sources. The content mining tools are based on natural language processing algorithms and use advanced semantic and text matching algorithms to extract useful information from unstructured data. We use experienced data analysts to handle exceptions and define existing relationships between entities.

  • Customer data extracted from different sources is consolidated for further analysis
  • Customer data is cleansed and standardized for further processing
  • Based on the customized requirement, we can classify the data using Auto-classifier, our proprietary classification tool
  • We identify the complex relationships that exist between companies such as Group-subsidiary, multiple locations, etc.
  • We also validate and enrich customer data through further research
  • Our CDI services can be easily integrated into any of your existing application/ workflow

Client Benefits

With Scope's CDI services, companies achieve the following benefits:

  • No upfront investment in sophisticated tools/ software to improve existing customer data quality
  • Proven procedures and information templates in accordance with ISO 22075 and ISO 8000 master data standards
  • Full suite of CDI services that even addresses the issues of constant data update
  • Appropriate mix of technology and subject matter experts to extract accurate and comprehensive information from legacy data sources
  • Minimal business impact while implementing CDI solutions and easier handling of change management

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with our CDI services that best suit your needs.