IT and Telecom

IT & Telecom


IT and telecommunication are constantly evolving industries in terms of technology, understandably facing a high level of threat of obsolescence. Deregulation and a host of government regulations across the globe have intensified competition amongst players and heightened the need for a better competitive edge and stronger protection of intellectual property assets for players. Industry consolidation has also emphasized the need for IT and telecom players to reassess strategies and product portfolios so as to evaluate and take advantage of feasible business combinations in the industry. It is crucial for players to optimize the utilization of their innovative technologies to build a competitive edge.

Sound and reliable competitive intelligence, in depth understanding of emerging technologies, white spaces and patent landscaping along with business growth prospects in the industry, are critical for these highly-volatile and growth oriented sectors.

Scope's experience

Scope has handled a wide variety of research assignments for IT and telecom industry players, as well as market research consultants and information aggregators in these industries.

For instance, Scope has worked with a large strategic business research service provider; and a telecom industry intelligence service provider in the UK in the area of strategic business research profiles. Scope has also

  • Delivered exhaustive customer and competitor intelligence reports; as well as B2B marketplace assessment reports on a periodic basis for a Fortune 10 company.
  • Provided various Landscaping Analysis & Licensee Identification services for technological profiling, indexing, ranking for a telecom major; and licensee analysis in the area of telecommunication technology.
  • Conducted Patent Searches such as Prior Art searches, Invalidity searches and Freedom-To-Operate searches within the IT & Telecom domain. In addition,
  • Analyzed key developments in the industrial domain to provide independent industry analysis and insights from IP and business standpoints.

Scope's Expertise

Scope is equipped with a team of 50 trained business and research analysts and 300+ domain experts, patent analysts, researchers and editors. This team is capable of handling a wide range of analyses from the market and patent perspectives and seamlessly merging business and IP implications of company and industry developments and transforming them into valuable competitive intelligence insights.

Examples of Work

Scope has

  • Undertaken strategic business profiling for a wide range of IT and telecom companies, with a thrust on revenue breakdown analysis and SWOT
  • Delivered pre-sales competitive intelligence briefs on the key accounts of a Fortune 10 company. This periodic report covered the account's overview, financial performance, strategic objectives and initiatives, future outlook and major issues and challenges, along with a comprehensive peer comparison for the key account.
  • Delivered IT marketplace assessment reports for the European automotive, banking, pharmaceutical and life sciences, electronics and utilities markets, identifying the IT hotspots of players and operators in these markets.
  • Been closely tracking ongoing corporate developments in the IT and telecom sector such as merger negotiations, new product launches and regulatory legal developments to identify and analyze those developments that are likely to change the industry landscape in the future. Research is presented from both patent and business perspectives.
  • Been providing Landscape Analysis & Licensee Identification services for technology profiling, indexing and ranking research analytics for a major telecom player in the telecommunication vertical. In addition, other services including Competitor Analyses have also been provided.
  • Provided various Patent Searches including Freedom-To-Operate / Clearance searches, Prior Art / Novelty searches and Invalidity searches for relevant technologies in the IT and Telecom domain.