Information Providers

Information Providers


The overall information industry in 2013 was $721 billion globally, and further growth is expected in 2014, as per the Outsell Information Industry Outlook 2014. The term "Information providers" encompass a wide variety of companies such as commercial publishers, not for profit associations and scholarly societies, online portals and A&I services. They operate in multiple segments of STM, legal tax & Regulatory, B2B, market research, news providers, search & aggregation, education & training and information management.

Scope's Experience

Scope has been in the forefront of serving this segment with over two decades of experience, for global customers straddling across the STM, media & technology, and legal verticals. Scope has fulfilled the information and knowledge requirements of more than 300 clients and executed more than 1,500 projects.

Scope's Expertise

Scope's key strength is its rich resource base of Subject Matter Experts across all the major domains. Apart from the domain expertise, Scope has considerable experience and expertise in content authoring and management, database development, editorial services, developing the information architecture in the form of taxonomies and ontologies, research & analytical support, and portal management.

Some of the key projects executed by Scope for this industry are:

  • Abstraction and Indexing services for patent databases and non-patent literature
  • Editorial Administration from manuscript handling to peer review administration
  • Integrated Publishing support for online publication of print journals
  • Industry, company and market analysis, reports and media monitoring services
  • Enhanced search and navigation support through development of taxonomies and ontologies and content mining platform
  • Database development and management for B2B directories and product catalogues