Healthcare/ Life Sciences

Healthcare/ Life Sciences


Healthcare/ Life Sciences is one of the fastest developing domains with an explosion in knowledge and breakthrough discoveries. Hence, it has become a major thrust area for the global giants in the information industry and also for corporates involved in research and development of new products.

Medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology constitute the key components of this domain. Since these domains cater to the lives and survival of humans, they are subject to stringent regulatory mechanisms requiring specialized skills in knowledge processing, with superior quality and adherence to global standards.

Scope's Experience

Scope has rich experience in providing content, A&I services and customized health information for clinical information and patient education. Scope's experience in Health/ Allied Sciences also extends to corporates in this domain, by providing a wide range of research reports, and patent analytical & research services.

Scope's Expertise

Scope has an in-house team of medical professionals and a panel of external medical consultants across all medical specialties. In addition to this, it has a team of highly qualified professionals in life sciences with doctorates and post graduates in Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, etc. Scope's medical team is highly trained in developing content as per the lingua-franca of US medical practice and is also proficient in all the medical terminologies such as MeSH, SNOMED ICD9&10, etc.

Some of the key projects executed by Scope for this industry are:

  • Updation of existing content and authoring new content for disease/ drug monographs
  • Creation of content for fact sheets on drug usage and health topics for patient education
  • Interactive medical content in the form of quiz and health calculators for medical portals
  • Abstraction and rating of evidence based literature and clinical reviews
  • Indexing of medical images
  • Medical indexing and coding through ICD9, MeSH and SNOMED terminologies
  • Mapping of clinical and non-clinical medical terminologies
  • Creation and indexing of e-learning content
  • Developing taxonomies and ontologies for medical specialties and consumer health portals
  • Content Mining and knowledge discovery platform for medical literature
  • Patent searches and analysis, company analysis reports, competitive intelligence reports and landscaping/ licensee identification reports