Engineering plays a pivotal role in technological innovation and is the major catalyst for the sustained increase in patent activities all over the world. In this highly competitive world, product innovation is the key to survival. In order to leverage this competitive edge, acquisition and dissemination of knowledge on new patents in a particular field is the critical success factor for the manufacturing industry.

Scope's Experience

Scope has been a leading provider of value added and semantically enriched abstracts for engineering and technology patents for more than five years. Scope has abstracted more than 5 million engineering patent documents for a major information and business intelligence provider. It has also translated and abstracted patents in non-English languages such as French, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Scope is also involved in high end content and knowledge processing for the Engineering domain by providing services to standards organizations, suppliers of product catalogues and online portals & directories of engineering products.

Scope's Expertise

The company has a large pool of highly experienced and trained engineers across major engineering domains, including Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Communication & Computers, Semiconductors, Instrumentation, Transportation and Industrial Engineering.

Some of the key services provided by Scope for the Engineering domain are:

  • Abstraction and indexing of engineering patents including translation of multi-lingual patents
  • Abstraction of technical standards
  • Competitive Intelligence and technology landscaping of engineering patents
  • Taxonomy development, integration, expansion and ontology development for engineering portals, online directories, etc.
  • Content Development and management for engineering product catalogues