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Scope’s white papers offer helpful insights into the services offered – from knowledge management to knowledge process outsourcing. The white papers are in PDF format. Users can login and create an account to download or view the White Papers.

New White Paper: Increasing the Value of Scholarly Books


Content Enhancement & Knowledge Services

Health content through mobile

Emerging trends & opportunities

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Semantic Enrichment

The Key to Successful Knowledge Extraction from STM Literature

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Data Services

Supply Chain Management

“Role of supply chain data quality and management in providing competitive advantage”

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Patent Research & Analytics

Automobile Collision Avoidance Systems

Automobile Collision Avoidance Systems – A Life Saver

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Harnessing Kinetic Energy from Footfalls

Energy Harvesting from Human Footfalls - Technology trends

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Preservative Free Ophthalmic Products

Preservative Free Ophthalmic Products

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The Bottleneck of Biogas Demand

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Airborne Wind Turbines – A Technical Report

Airborne Wind Turbines – A Technical Report

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