Data Security Policy

Data Security Policy

Scope has a strict code of conduct in place that covers every area of its KPO services. Scope’s information security practices have been certified for ISO 27001: 2005. Scope strives to offer the best solution possible for all our clients. It extends across areas such as

Data Integrity

Backup Servers for secured storing of customer data; Password protected and limited access to business-sensitive data only to authorized persons solely for official purposes.


Every Scope associate signs a legally-enforceable secrecy agreement prior to joining the company to make them accountable for data confidentiality.

Conflicts of Interest

To avoid any conflicts of interest with the company’s objectives and line of business, employees sign confidentiality agreements. Further, Scope does not engage the same personnel for different clients in similar business.

Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery

For each client, multiple levels of redundancy is built in to address disaster recovery and to enable Business Continuity.